Hobart Harbour Jet – Licensed to thrill!

"That was not what I expected, it was better in all ways"

Richard, VIC

Adventure, thrill, and fast-paced action are easy to find in central Hobart. For a different way to see the sights, speed along the Derwent River and experience the adrenaline rush of the Hobart Harbour jet boats.

Choose the amount of action you would prefer in your ride. Experience high-speed tight turns and spins, or take a tour with unique photo opportunities of Tasmania's beautiful capital city. You can pre-book to personalise your jet boat experience.

Jet boats can double as water taxis, ferrying you to attractions around Hobart. Visit Wrest Point Casino, Sullivans Cove or Moorilla, or jet across the river to the Eastern shore. Passengers can embark or disembark from any approved jetty or beach , depending on weather conditions. All areas of interest along the lower Derwent River are accessible for you to photograph, visit, or speed past!

Centrally located at Waterman's Dock on Murray Street Pier, Hobart Harbour Jet is a short walk from the famous Salamanca Market area. Visit Cbar at the Waterfront Hotel by water taxi, and receive a free drink voucher.